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Introductory Course in
Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language

Cost: $500 (members) | $850 (non-members)

Location: Remote

Dates: Contact us for dates of next cohort

Accredited through UHM

Transform your Hebrew and Lashon HaKodesh classrooms with the professional Functional Proficiency Approach.


You'll learn why and how to create, test, and share rich and effective instructional materials that match your school's unique values, preferences & requirements.


Cost: Welcome Session is Free

Location: Remote

Dates: Sunday, January 30, 2022 | כ"ח שבט |  

3 pm EST  |  Indicate if you prefer a Hebrew or English session

"בחריש ובקציר תשבות" "אותה שביתה דשבת קודש תהיה גם בשביעית, למען יוסיף לקח בכל השנה בתורה ובעבודה"

שמות פרק לד פסוק כא | פירוש העמק דבר על התורה

Experience for yourself how these interactive and stimulating tools and strategies can engage your Limudei Kodesh students.




Limudei Kodesh Course 5781 Summer.png
Introductory Course in
Limudei Kodesh with the Functional Approach

Cost:  TBD   (members) |    (non-members)

Location: Remote

Dates: Contact us for dates of next cohort

Group course for individual mosdos is also available

Develop students' functional skills in Limudei Kodesh 

For directors and teachers in formal and informal education settings

Basic Principles of the Functional Proficiency Approach in Language Instruction and Applications for the Limudei Kodesh Curriculum

  • The important difference between Learning and Acquisition.

  • Understanding the language acquisition process and how to maximize it.

  • Identifying students' proficiency Levels in Torah subjects.

  • Setting functional goals for each level and subject area.

  • Teaching in context and helping students develop associative connections.

  • How to structure a lesson, based on current research and practices.

  • Various methodologies for summative and formative assessments to evaluate our students.


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