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Advisory Board

"I am passionate about sharing my experiences and knowledge in teaching Hebrew. I enrolled in the Middlebury College Master’s program to achieve greater professionalism in my own work as a Hebrew teacher, and to disseminate these educational insights among the various Torah-based educational institutions."

"Dvora Kaplan has tremendously strong intellectual and interpersonal skills which make her a pleasure to work with and to learn from. She is driven by the mission and dream of seeing graduates of Torah based institutions able to fully communicate in modern Hebrew and to transition between their use of the Hebrew language for Limudei Kodesh and communicative purposes."


Dvora Kaplan, M.A., Founding Director

Special Interests: Training and Mentoring

An acclaimed international expert in teaching Hebrew and Limudei Kodesh, Dvora has been involved in teaching and administration for more than 25 years; in addition to her leadership at Hebrew Our Way she serves as a consultant for curriculum development for several affiliated institutions. Together with her husband and children, she also runs a successful Chabad outreach program serving the Israeli community in Michigan. Dvora holds a M.A in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language from Middlebury College in Vermont.


Vardit Ringvald, Ph.D., Advisory Board

The School of Hebrew at Middlebury College

Professor Ringvald's numerous accomplishments in the field of Hebrew language pedagogy include (to name only a few) founding the Hebrew Language Summer Institute at Brandeis University (1996), creating the Master of Arts in Teaching Hebrew (1998), working on the team to develop Hebrew Proficiency guidelines and curriculum frameworks for ACTFL and the U.S. Dept of Education, supervising development of materials for reading and listening strategies, founding the School for Hebrew at Middlebury (2008), serving as the chair of the SAT II for Hebrew, and more. She is one of the developers of the Oral Proficiency Interview for Hebrew and an OPI trainer. Professor Ringvald is also the primary author of Brandeis Modern Hebrew, the first to be based on the proficiency method. 


Dafna Saslavsky, M.A., Advisory Board

Dept. Jewish Ed. & Hebrew, Universidad Hebraica Mexico

Professor Saslavsky has a Masters in Teaching Hebrew from Middlebury College & a Masters in Education (with a specialization in Human Resources) from the Universidad Anáhuac. She has also completed postgraduate studies in Jewish Education at the Melton Center of Jewish Education of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has significant educational experience as Director of Early Childhood, Elementary School Director, and a General Coordinator of Jewish Studies in the Mexican Jewish day school system.

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Na'ama Torem, Advisory Board 

Trainer and Supervisor for Tanach in Machoz Yerushalayim

Na'ama Torem is a master teacher, and a trainer, mentor, supervision and curriculum developer for the Oholei Yosef Yitzchok network of chareidi schools in Eretz Yisrael. In addition to teaching her own classes, she interacts with thousands of teachers and responds to hundreds of questions on a regular basis.


Avigail Bakaleynik, Co-Founder & Deputy Director

Special Interests: Curriculum & Materials Development

Avigail has 30 years of experience as a teacher, tutor, and curriculum designer for multiple subjects and age levels. She guides the preparation of HOW’s training and teaching curricula. Proficient in English, Russian, and Hebrew, and literate in French, Spanish, and Yiddish, Avigail is passionate about making language instruction accessible and satisfying. Avigail studied at Rika Breuer Teacher Seminary and holds a B.A (Magna Cum Laude) in (Russian) Language with a specialization in Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania.

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