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How languages are acquired.

How to teach and drill grammar effectively.

How to set specific objectives for each lesson.

How to develop Hebrew literacy.

How to build awareness of the learner experience.

How to present Comprehensible Input.

How to use games and gamification for classroom engagement.

How to build an ideal lesson plan.

How to create a safe, stimulating atmosphere while addressing differing ability levels.

How to measure and evaluate student proficiency.

How to use technology in the language classroom.

How to develop the 4 language skills and 3 modes of communication.

How to become a mentor for your own school or for others.

How to connect students with Torah and tefillah through love and comprehension.

The difference between knowing a language and making it your own.

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We commit to Torah values in everything we do.

We offer separate training for women and men.

We provide a clear path to Language Acquisition through the Input to Output learning process.

We provide access to our global network of seasoned professional advisors with expertise in a variety of focus areas.

We teach a unique, experiential approach to enhance Limudei Kodesh instruction as well as Hebrew Language.

We are dedicated to meeting the custom needs of each educator, camp, school, or community.


We are pleased to provide access to a remarkable network of highly-qualified, experienced professional trainers and mentors representing specific focus areas.

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