Transform how Hebrew is Taught 
in our Generation and Beyond

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Help us make Hebrew language proficiency a measurable reality for the majority of day school students.


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Transform how Hebrew is taught in our generation and beyond.

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Help build out a dynamic online network and support system for educators across the globe. Per page, or contact us to discuss a full website sponsorship.

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Sponsor the creation of a self-replenishing repository of high-quality, authentic materials, including videos, study units, lesson plans, stories, songs, poems and everyday texts for use in Proficiency-Based Classrooms everywhere. As more teachers begin to participate, we can draw upon the synergy of sharing to keep it growing.

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Sponsor Proficiency Assessments, mentoring, curriculum development, and other important services, in a way that matches the unique needs of each classroom, school, or network. Sponsor a year of services, or underwrite the needs of a particular institution.

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Help Hebrew Our Way present the case for improving Hebrew instruction via webinars, teacher in-service, public presentations, marketing and publications.

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Underwrite a scholarship so a teacher can get essential training in introductory concepts and techniques for making his or her classroom a place where students connect with Hebrew as their heritage, their past, present and future.

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Your support is appreciated. Thank you for encouraging us in our work to deepen the meaningful connections between the Jewish people and the Hebrew language.

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"For my daughter, improving her Hebrew goes both ways: learning more Hebrew adds to her Chumash skills, and shorashim she's learned in Limudei Kodesh helps increase her Hebrew. It was exciting to see that after learning with the proficiency approach in school, she opened a biography written in Hebrew at home. She felt able to read it on her own for the first time."

- Mrs. P. Notik, Parent, Chicago, Illinois