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Rivka Weber, 9-12th Grade Ivrit

Bais Chanah, Brandywine Valley, DE

“I think the girls are really gaining in confidence, and suddenly noticing that they are able to do things that they never were able to do in Hebrew, and finally connecting the words and skills that they know in writing, to be able to pull those out when they need to speak. They’re really finding joy in it. It’s a very rewarding experience.”

Miriam Assayag, 9-12th Grade Ivrit

Lubavitch Girls High School, Chicago, IL

"What a fantastic class, every single girl participated!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 They’re getting

more comfortable actually speaking and expressing themselves in Hebrew."

Esther Tarkieltaub, 1-5th Grade Ivrit

Midwest Academy for Gifted Education, Chicago, IL

"I am so pumped up after reviewing the training materials I have from the course I took at Hebrew Our Way. I have to thank you for putting me on this teaching track! I am thrilled to go into the classroom today because I'm making centers so my students can learn certain things at their own pace. I pick and choose what I need for this group from existing workbooks and also make up some of my own activities. I know what I need to do, how to do it, and why. It's very empowering."

Mrs. Leah Yarmush, Grade 11 Ivrit

Beth Rivkah Associated Schools, Brooklyn, NY

"Hebrew Our Way’s approach should be taught in every school, and I encourage any teacher who loves her students to take advantage of what HOW has to offer. After many years of teaching, it has completely refreshed and reinvigorated me."

Osnat Chiprot, Grades K5 & 3-5 Ivrit

CJA Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The course I took was very powerful. It packed in a huge amount of information, yet I find myself applying it daily. Thanks to the HOW course and materials collections, I plan much stronger lessons than before, and when I use purchased materials, I know how to make them more authentic and relevant to my students’ own life experiences.

Osnat Chiprot, Teacher K5, 3-5, CJA Myrtle Beach, SC

Doba Weber, Director

Gan Chabad, Philadelphia, PA

I’m always seeking ways to enhance the curriculum of our Montessori-inspired preschool, and taking this course felt like a world of possibility opened before me. The methods are direct, simplified, and holistic. I sent a staff member to the next cohort, and we both benefit from the one-on-one coaching, the many workshops and teacher enrichment opportunities. Best of all, the children are learning and enjoying the process.

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