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“I’m very impressed with the lesson plans produced using insights, techniques and guidance from Hebrew Our Way. Our teacher has gained valuable skills.” 

Bayla Blumstein, CMHS, Detroit, MI

Testimonials & Reviews 

|  המלצות וחוות דעת

רציתי להודות לך על הקורס העשיר והמעניין 

למרצה היקרה דבורקי
רציתי להודות לך על הקורס העשיר והמעניין 
שנתן לי להבין את הצרכים של התלמידות כדי לרכוש את השפה בצורה הכי יעילה 
הקורס נבנה שלב שלב בצורה מובנת 
נהנתי ללמוד דברים חדשים בלימוד שפה שניה ומכל הדינמיקה בכיתה 
מאחלת לך הצלחה בהמשך הפעילות 


א. משיח, תיכון בית רבקה, ניו יורק

קבלתי ... רעיונות חדשים

לדעתי הקורס מאוד מקיף, מתייחס לנקודות חשובות מאוד ומנחה איך להקנות את השפה בצורה יעילה. ומבחינה אישית הקורס עזר לי להבין יותר מה שאני עושה וקבלתי כמה רעיונות חדשים. תודה רבה על המאמץ והמסירות.


ח. קפלן, תיכון בית יעקב, דטרויט

I enjoyed hearing from my classmates about their experiences

...we really did a lot. The class was like the courses I took in graduate school where I had to submit a lesson plan at the end of the course, based on all the ideas we learned about the structure and content of a lesson... I think what spoke to me the most was defining where the students were at and designing the lessons around that...

The most important aspect of the course was hearing from other teachers struggling with similar challenges to those that I had... I enjoyed hearing from my classmates about their experiences.

D. Carr, New Jersey


As an expert with forty years of experience in Hebrew Language education, I believe that the success of Hebrew proficiency in students depends on the level of professionalism in their teachers’ instruction.


Mrs. Dvora Kaplan is a graduate of our Master's program in Middlebury, Vermont. Upon graduation, Mrs. Kaplan devoted herself to founding "Hebrew Our Way," with the aim of enabling teachers in Torah schools to study and specialize in Hebrew as a second language in their respective atmosphere, using learning and enrichment materials that fit the spirit of the schools.


The introductory Hebrew Language curriculum was developed under the guidance of the Middlebury Hebrew School for the University Hebraica in Mexico, enabling Hebrew teachers to gain a basic understanding of important principles of the second language acquisition process and their implementation in their Hebrew classrooms.


I see this initiative as a great opportunity for Hebrew teachers in Torah schools to acquire basic professional knowledge, as well as dynamic tools to help them achieve their teaching goals. I encourage schools to join and enroll their teachers in the courses offered by “Hebrew Our Way”, and wish them continued success. 


Yasher Koach!

Professor Vardit Ringvald

Director, The  School of Hebrew at Middlebury College, Vermont


Mrs. Kaplan is uniquely positioned to provide Hebrew language and Lashon Hakodesh pedagogical support for Torah observant schools based on her familiarity and experience with the unique nature of such schools. Her work incorporates knowledge acquired from her upbringing, professional teaching, leadership experiences, and parenting of children enrolled in Torah observant schools.


Aside from her vast experiences as Hebrew language and Judaic studies teacher, Mrs. Kaplan has the knowledge and skills to improve upon and transform the way Hebrew is positioned in many of these schools’ environments. She has the ability to identify challenges on-site, develop a comprehensive improvement plan, and execute it. 


Mrs. Kaplan has tremendously strong intellectual and interpersonal skills which make her a pleasure to work with and to learn from. She is driven by the mission and dream of seeing graduates of Torah based institutions able to fully communicate in modern Hebrew and to transition between their use of the Hebrew language for Limudei Kodesh and communicative purposes. 

I wholeheartedly believe that schools should engage with Ivrit B’darkenu in order to maximize the potential of both their students and staff. I am confident that Mrs. Kaplan possesses the skills and sensitivity needed to lead schools on this journey.


Dr. Doran Katz

Instructor, The  School of Hebrew at Middlebury College, Vermont 


I am very pleased to recommend the course "Teaching Hebrew As a Second Language", offered by "Hebrew Our Way". I am a Hebrew teacher for over 20 years and this course enhanced my skills in teaching Hebrew as a second language. The lessons educated me on how language is acquired, giving me deeper insight into how it should be taught. 


Dvora is an excellent lecturer who integrates knowledge in Hebrew teaching and an intimate understanding of Torah based education, easing the difficulty a Hebrew teacher has in finding material suitable for students in a Torah environment.


This course is beneficial to teachers in every stage of their career, from beginners to veterans. 


Mrs. Tzippy Kaufman

Teacher, Lubavitch Girls High School, Chicago


As a professional teacher for 28 years, I was initially skeptical about what this course could add to my experience.  As I became increasingly involved, I realized that it was worthwhile to anyone interested in perfecting her ability to teach Hebrew and Lashon Hakodesh as a second language, regardless of the years of teaching experience. 

This course provides the tools to use authentic materials, rather than just textbooks, to enable students to utilize their Hebrew skills for practical application.

Even after teaching in schools in many countries, I truly believe that it is crucial to upgrade our knowledge and by exposing ourselves to new methods of education. A good teacher needs to constantly expand her horizons. 

Consequently, I recommend this course wholeheartedly to improve teaching proficiency in Hebrew or any Limudei Kodesh subject. Mrs. Dvora Kaplan is very knowledgeable, patient, and willing to help teachers master the contents of the course. She is alway available to assist and guide teachers through the process with care and sensitivity. 

I sincerely recommend her and her program.


Mrs. Mery (Myriam) Goldzweig

Teacher, Beth Rivkah Montreal

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