Changing HOW
Hebrew & Lashon HaKodesh are taught

Our mission is to collaborate with teachers, administrators, schools, camps, and other institutions to develop highly effective, proficiency-based Hebrew teaching programs with sensitivity to the core values of our Torah-based schools.
Through training and mentoring with our systematic, proven, and personal approach, we are inspiring new and experienced teachers and helping them stimulate their students with the power of proficiency.
We are also able to facilitate Hebrew instruction for groups and individuals.
Join our network of schools and educators who are committed to transforming the quality of Hebrew and Limudei Kodesh instruction in the Diaspora.

"We seek to help each school meet its Hebrew language and Lashon HaKodesh instructional needs in a way that suits the derech and preferences of its population and community. This could be through strengthening conversational Hebrew skills and connecting them to Torah content, or leveraging the language aspects of the Limudei Kodesh curriculum to improve student comprehension. We provide the tools you need to truly achieve your goals."

We are here to solve the two main problems facing Hebrew language instruction:

  • Empowering Teachers with Professional Level Skills 

  • Developing and Sharing Appropriate Materials Customizable to Each School & Classroom

Dvora Kaplan

Director, Hebrew Our Way





Professional Courses & Workshops | קורסים וסדנאות

Get started by learning essential concepts together with like-minded teachers and administrators in the Hebrew Our Way Introductory Certificate Course.

Next, learn how to integrate them very practically in your own school or classroom through a series of valuable and engaging follow-up courses and mentor guidance.

Tap into the latest techniques and connect with experienced proficiency experts through continuing education participation.

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Introductory Course in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language: Proficiency Approach

דבורה קפלן

M.A., Director, Hebrew Our Way

START HERE! Gain fundamental knowledge and skills in the Proficiency Approach. Based on decades of language research, and optimized for Torah schools, this course gives you the foundation to transform your students' learning experience.

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Proficiency: Halacha L'Maaseh

גילה אזרד

PhD Student, Modern Languages, Middlebury College

Design activities that get your students up and talking to one another in Hebrew. A balance of theory and practical skills will be presented.

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A Functional Proficiency Approach for Limudei Kodesh

Dvora Kaplan

Dvora Kaplan has decades of experience teaching Limudei Kodesh for multiple levels, ages, and environments.

Not a Hebrew teacher? Bring the powerful benefits of the functional proficiency approach to your Torah, halachah, dikduk, kriyah, and other Limudei Kodesh lessons and watch your students' skills and engagement grow.

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Teaching with "Comprehensible Input" Strategies

Mira Angrist

Senior Lecturer in Hebrew, Hebrew Program Director at Boston University

Learn practical tools to provide accessible input to your learners according to S. Krashen's Comprehensible Input Hypothesis, including Cooperative Story Building, Special Person Interview, Circling, and TPRS.

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Art in the Proficiency Classroom & Self-Reflection: Its Importance for Language Learning

Ziva Platner

Language Department Chair, YULA High School, LA

Using art for language acquisition, lesson planning, developing students' listening skills

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Maximizing the Lesson Plan through Game- Based Learning and Gamification

Mira Angrist

Senior Lecturer in Hebrew, Hebrew Program Director at Boston University

Learn about using games and a gamification approach, strategies to increase motivation, engagement, interpersonal communication and vocabulary support. Hands-on practice, discussion and self-reflection.

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Teaching & Learning Strategies for SLA

דורן כ''ץ

EdD, Instructor, The School of Hebrew at Middlebury College

Language Teaching Strategies

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How to Create Meaningful Experiential Learning

Ronit Lerman

MA, Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language; Hebrew Instructor at Broward College, Florida

We know that acquisition comes from meaningful, practical communication opportunities. Ronit helps participants understand what that means for them personally, and for their students, then teaches and develops a useful, research-based model that can be incorporated immediately into the classroom.

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Project Based Language Learning

Orly Lavi Travish

Lead Hebrew Language Instructor at Concordia Language Villages, Founder 972Education.comn

The workshop will:
● Develop an understanding of Gold Standard PBL
● Define the roles of students and teachers in PBL activities
● Demonstrate how PBL may be incorporated into Hebrew language classes, and
how Project Based Language Learning (PBLL) may be integrated with the
proficiency approach, as well as with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for
teaching a second language
● Introduce a suggested PBLL project and format that will form the basis of the
teacher’s work designing a PBLL unit, based on the learner’s proficiency level
and curriculum
● Assist the teacher in starting to create a unit (Collecting authentic materials,
writing goals and assessments, and other relevant planning)

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Essential Elements in Literacy Development

אירית שטיין

PhD Student, THSL, Middlebury College

1) עקרונות האוריינות אצל לומדי עברית כשפה שנייה בגיל הרך לאורך תהליך הקניית הקריאה והכתיבה. עקרונות אלה ילוו בדוגמאות. כיצד יש להכין את הלומדים הצעירים לתהליך הקניית הקריאה והכתיבה?
2) המיפגש יתמקד בשאלה כיצד להוביל לומדים צעירים להצלחה בתהליך הקריאה והכתיבה הפורמלי.
3) המיפגש יעסוק בפעילויות שתורמות לשטף הקריאה והכתיבה אצל לומדי עברית כשפה שנייה בגיל הצעיר שסיימו את תהליך הקניית הקריאה והכתיבה, עקרונות אלה ילוו בדוגמאות.
4) המיפגש יעסוק בעקרונות האוריינות אצל לומדי עברית כשפה שנייה בגיל הרך שסיימו את תהליך הקניית הקריאה והכתיבה, עקרונות אלה ילוו בדוגמאות.

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Working with Israeli Students in the Diaspora Classroom


What do students from Hebrew-speaking homes add to your Hebrew language classroom? What challenges do they present? Their skills in some areas may be advanced, but in others they might well be lacking. So how do we keep them engaged while helping them progress in their abilities?

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Overcoming Difficulties in Hebrew Teaching

ליאורה גזית

B Ed. Teaching & Special Ed, Bar-Ilan Univ, M.A., THSL, Middlebury College

Course description coming soon!

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Tech in Torah Schools: Challenges & Solutions

יעל גל- בן יצחק

School of Hebrew Technology Coordinator
& PhD Candidate, Modern Languages, Middlebury College

Expert Yael Gal continues to elaborate on the effective use of electronic and internet devices and programs in the classroom.

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Early Childhood Hebrew

אילנה וינבגג

Masters in Early Childhood, City College NY; M.A., THSL, Middlebury, B.A. and Teacher Certification, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Ilana Weinberg shares insights into using the proficiency approach in the younger grades.

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Designing and Delivering for Student Success

Ketty Granite

PhD Student, THSL, Middlebury College

Focus on specific aspects of Functional Proficiency teaching and learning

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Tech for Teachers

יעל גל- בן יצחק

School of Hebrew Technology Coordinator
& PhD Candidate, Modern Languages, Middlebury College

Learn about computer tools, games, electronic worksheets, and time savers that can work in the Torah school classroom.

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Differentiated Instruction for Hebrew

דפנה ססלבסקי

Director, Department of Jewish Education & Hebrew, UHM

Learn how to engage students on various levels in this one-day workshop that builds on previous knowledge of the Proficiency Approach.

Each course or workshop includes interactive discussion and hands-on practice with other teachers, tutors, and administrators from around the world. No matter your level of Hebrew, if you are responsible for teaching Hebrew dikduk, language or textual skills, you and your students can benefit. Not sure? Contact us for references related to your particular situation.

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"My 7th grade daughter opened a Hebrew biography at home and felt able to read it on her own for the first time. It's clear that learning more Hebrew strengthened her Limudei Kodesh skills, and vice versa."



As an expert with forty years of experience in Hebrew Language education, I believe that the success of Hebrew proficiency in students depends on the level of professionalism in their teachers’ instruction. I see the Hebrew Our Way initiative as a great opportunity for Hebrew teachers in Torah schools to acquire...dynamic tools to help them achieve their teaching goals.

Professor Vardit Ringvald

Director, The  School of Hebrew at Middlebury College, Vermont


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