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Hebrew Our Way (HOW) institute is a center for training and support for professional Hebrew and Limudei Kodesh instruction in the Diaspora. 

HOW collaborates with teachers, administrators,  and counselors for schools, after school programs, camps, Hebrew schools, outreach programs, and many other types of institutions to develop highly effective, proficiency-based Hebrew teaching and Limudei Kodesh programs, with sensitivity to the core values of our Torah-based schools and communities. 
HOW is committed to providing top professionals, knowledge and people in the field of Hebrew language instruction and in Limudei Kodesh from Israel and from around the world. Our goal is to connect students to their heritage through true experiential instruction that is built on a rich combination of meaning, values, skills -- and relevant application to their lives.

Schools & Institutions

Dvora Kaplan, MA
Avigail Bakaleynik
Training and Teaching Materials Development

Proud to be Working With

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