Limudei Kodesh
an Open Book

We help your students grow in Limudei Kodesh by giving them the tools to truly understand the Hebrew language,
with materials created and selected for Torah-based schools.

What is Hebrew Our Way?

עברית בדרכנו | Hebrew Our Way is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to make Hebrew teaching much more effective and much less frustrating.

Our information and programs are useful for:

Ivrit Teachers

Lashon HaKodesh Teachers

Limudei Kodesh Teachers


Kriah Specialists

Curriculum Developers

Teacher Seminaries

Continuing Education Programs

and anyone who cares about the quality of Torah teaching wherever English is spoken.

One of our main activities is a short, powerful, accredited workshop in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language. Our program is staffed and supervised by graduates of Middlebury College's Masters Program, and conducted under the auspices of the Universidad Hebraica de Mexico.

We are also in the process of assembling a library of high-quality teaching materials, by and for our members, accessible from this website.

Yet we do much more! Please click to view...


What is Functional Proficiency?

The Functional Proficiency Approach is a comprehensive, proven approach to acquiring language -- as opposed to just reading and translating. Based on decades of research and proven application, it is also a sensible way of teaching that activates the wealth of Hebrew/Lashon HaKodesh that our students (and teachers) already know.


If you want your students to experience the beautiful words of the davening with more fluency and emotion, or if you wish they could move to new a level of understanding in Chumash or Navi, instead of just reading and translating 
-- it really is possible. 

Give yourself or your teachers new confidence in their ability to teach Hebrew/Lashon HaKodesh, insights into how language is learned, and how to design their lessons to get amazing results. They will be able to share materials that are exciting and relevant to their students. Hebrew Our Way emphasizes our shared core values. Reading, writing, listening, viewing, and speaking experiences are all presented in a way that is completely appropriate for our schools.


What can you do with Hebrew Our Way?

Learn amazingly effective new ways of teaching your students: register for training and certification in the ACTFL Proficiency Approach >>

Access online material such as webinars, articles and continuing education information >>

Join a membership community of like-minded educators >>

Gain the zechus of supporting a huge leap forward in the teaching of Hebrew in our generation >>

Get ongoing mentoring & curriculum
support for you and your school >>

Benefits For Members & Course Graduates

  • High-quality professional training and support
  • Authentic, appropriate materials (in progress)
  • Online access to ready-made units and lessons
  • Curriculum development assistance
  • Connect with colleagues in real life & via online forum
  • University certification
  • Discounts on courses, webinars, proficiency tests & more

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