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Proficiency: Halacha L'Maaseh

הפרופישנסי : הלכה למעשה

Design activities that get your students up and talking to one another in Hebrew. A balance of theory and practical skills will be presented.

Proficiency: Halachah L'Maaseh
A follow-up to the Introductory Course, this course offers practice in all the skill areas used in Functional Proficiency based instructional planning and delivery.
During the course, we will build practical and theoretical familiarity with:
Identifying student ACTFL proficiency levels
Formulating and presenting functional tasks
Seeking out Authentic Materials and connecting them with student proficiency levels
Creating activities and exercises for every level for use during lessons, using the 4-Part Lesson Structure (Warm-up, Review/Reinforcement, Instruction/New Content, Wrap-up)
Creating activities and exercises for every level for use throughout the Language Acquisition Process (Input to Output)
Evaluations and Assessment
All of the above is presented in the context of potential use of technology tools to make your teaching life easier and your students' experience more engaging.
Join this course to practice and learn!

גילה אזרד

גילה אזרד

PhD Student, Modern Languages, Middlebury College

הפרופישנסי : הלכה למעשה
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