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Well Worth the Time - Feedback from our Workshop

Teachers look forward to our sessions with Na'ama Torem in how to create Experiential Limudei Kodesh lessons that are relevant, exciting, and meaningful.

These words get thrown around an awful lot, but in this case, they are 100% true.

One teacher tells us, "I've been to countless professional development workshops. This one is truly worth the time. Each time, I see a new way to approach my lessons, I have new things that I can immediately use in the classroom, and I am gaining a new understanding and inspiration about my responsibility as a teacher of Torah to the next generation."

Come see how we can systematically connect values, skills, and content for the ultimate purpose: connecting the STUDENT to the TORAH.

More workshops coming up soon, with English review sessions following each one in Hebrew.

Go to to learn more and to register. Or contact us.

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