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Project-Based Language Learning

למידה מבוססת פרויקט

How Project Based Language Learning (PBLL) may be integrated with the proficiency approach and with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards. Hands-on lesson planning.

Orly's professional background spans more than 25 years of experience teaching a foreign language at the primary, middle, high school, and university
levels, and includes planning, leading, and continually improving language programs to
achieve measurable language progress. By teaching students from a wide range of
backgrounds and learning styles, I have honed my communicative, creative, and motivational
skills. Additionally, my inherent passion for Hebrew language and Israeli culture has fostered
exciting and engaging classes, and has successfully encouraged and developed thoughtful and
enthusiastic students.

Orly Lavi Travish

Orly Lavi Travish

Lead Hebrew Language Instructor at Concordia Language Villages, Founder 972Education.comn

למידה מבוססת פרויקט
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