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Certificate Course

Proficiency Approach Certificate Course

Start your journey to professional empowerment here.

Taking our Hebrew Our Way - Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language - Proficiency Approach course gives you the basic understanding and tools you need to get started. The course is for teachers and tutors of Hebrew, Limudei Kodesh, or others with a strong interest in the use and teaching of Hebrew.

The cost of the course can be paid by the individual teacher or by the school. It includes follow-up consultations and Hebrew Our Way membership benefits, including access to the Authentic Materials Library, the Members' Forum, and discounts on future trainings.

Continuing Education

Workshops and webinars on specific topics keep you up to date and add skills and knowledge.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a new topic, or content to share, please reach out.

Teacher, Administrator, and School Support

Hebrew Our Way | עברית בדרכנו is committed to a full integration of the Functional Proficiency Approach into our schools.

Professional Assessments

Find out how your students can be tested for their Hebrew proficiency levels by certified ACTFL examiners.

Getting a Master's Degree

Getting a Master's Degree

Educators who wish to expand their potential even more are encouraged to get their Master of Arts in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language.

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