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Proficiency Approach Certificate Course

Taking our Hebrew Our Way - Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language - Proficiency Approach course gives you the basic understanding and tools you need to get started. The course is for teachers and tutors of Hebrew, Limudei Kodesh, or others with a strong interest in the use and teaching of Hebrew.

The cost of the course can be paid by the individual teacher or by the school. It includes follow-up consultations and Hebrew Our Way membership benefits, including access to the Authentic Materials Library, the Members' Forum, and discounts on future trainings.

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Continuing Education

Workshops and webinars on specific topics keep you up to date and add skills and knowledge.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a new topic, or content to share, please reach out.

Teacher, Administrator, and School Support

Hebrew Our Way | עברית בדרכנו is committed to a full integration of the Functional Proficiency Approach into our schools.


Getting a Master's Degree

Educators who wish to expand their potential even more are encouraged to get their Master of Arts in Teaching Hebrew as a Second Language.